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By Thomas J Gamble

SMP No. 37 | December 2019 | 84 pages, perfect bound | Original edition of 100, numbered

Orders received on 12/13/2019 or after will be delivered by mid-January 2020. International orders will open in early January 2020.

Social Malpractice Publishing is mortified to present INFINITE HESH, the definitive (to-date) collection of artist Thomas J Gamble’s eponymous serial comic. Since 2017, Gamble has been crafting an anemic analog to our own world, some kind of washed-out future memory of the atomized, alienated present. INFINITE HESH broadcasts a distinctly and tragically twenty-first century American milieu, but the municipal sprawl through which its indolent inhabitants stumble is regionally vague. You’ll recognize the characters and you’ll recognize their conversations, even when you don’t. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, dickheads—they’re all here. And Gamble renders each of these ostensibly unloveable antiheroes with so much actual love that the default setting between us and them—that easy, disaffected, ironic readerly distance—feels unseemly. Original, chorus-like text contributions from Rachel Hyman and Darcie Wilder appear sporadically, expanding the canon of INFINITE HESH. This photocopied eulogy makes a great gift for any of earth’s last human inhabitants, be they supraliminal or inert. Order your copy today.

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